Online v/s Classroom Coaching Online Coaching Classroom Coaching
1. No commuting required. One can take classes from anywhere in the world Have to go to the coaching centre
2. Classes through internet system Have to be present in the class room
3. One to one interaction Batch size immaterial If the batch size is large, will be a part of crowd
4. Facility to go through the recorded class, if the class is missed Should be present in class, same class may not be repeated.
5. Time saving Consumes more time – travelling, batch attendance etc.
6. Students feeling shy may ask the questions sitting before his/her computer-no one to ridicule at. Shy ones remain silent for the fear of being ridiculed at.
7. Every class may be reviewed any number of times Facility is not available
8. Absolute punctuality-as class begins on time The teacher/student may be late. Class will start when the teacher comes; if the student is late, he will miss the session
9. More cost effective-will save money Costlier than on-line classes. Sometimes the difference is more than 5-6 times.