Tips and Tricks to Get Ready For NEET PG Entrance Exams

There is no right time to begin the painstaking preparations for your PG medical entrance. The sooner you begin the better it is. December seems like a rather challenging month in the life of a medical student and it's needless to point out that every time the competition for the NEET PG entrance gets tougher with the years.

In the midst of the whirlpool of preparations, there are these mind-boggling questions that often prick and torment the mind of the students, rendering them dumbfounded. Before the medical entrance exam, the student is usually bombarded with questions like, when is the best time to begin, how to prepare for PG medical entrance and which are the books to follow.

To help out the aspirants with their preparation, and to make life easier for them here's a compact and precise list of tips and tricks that can act as a saving grace when the eleventh hour approaches.

  • Get Systematic –Leave your worries behind and approach your medical entrance exam preparations with the same clarity and patience that you would show to a patient on the operating table. It is worth spending your preliminary moments assorting books, color coding notes and sketching up a steady and feasible study schedule. It pays off in the end.
  • Don't rote learn the concepts–Instead understand them practically. Gather and accumulate knowledge in a way that can be applied later in life. This will arm you better to face those tricky MCQs in the question paper. Also parroting study topics leads to unwanted confusion, added stress and to the phobia that you are going to forget everything. So club your hard work with some smart work.
  • Stick to the books you have picked–This is where getting organized before starting the preparation for the PG medical entrance exam comes in handy. Research meticulously, discuss with fellow students, consult with your professors and frequent your trips to the library but do all of this before you actually begin. One can't stress enough on the importance of this elementary step. But once you have picked your books (and make sure you choose wisely) stick to them. Consulting several books on the same topic can leave you flabbergasted as they will have different approaches (may be even explanations) while deciphering the same concepts. Plus not all books you come across are authentic. Prefer to study from standard textbooks recommended by professors.
  • Attempt all the questions–Here's a thing that you must know about the NEET PG Entrance Exam, there's no negative marking involved. So attempting all the MCQs are a priority. So when in doubt, think it through and then give it a shot. All those nerves right before the exam can get your brain fuzzy but what you learn will always be lurking around somewhere at the back of your mind. Try to narrow down the options from 4 to 2 and then take a pick.
  • Evaluate Mock Test Papers – And take the online test as well. Nothing adds more to your advantage than a dress rehearsal. Knowing the question patterns and practicing how to approach the MCQs within a limited period of time comes in particularly handy. The familiarity does not only boost your speed but also increase your confidence. Also mock tests give you a fair idea about the difficulty level of the exam that you are prepping for.
  • Last but not the least, seek help. If you think that you must opt for tuition or go for NEET online coaching then do so by all means. While it is not absolutely mandatory it can actually help you synchronize your efforts to a great extent.